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​About Vardit Rubovitch

Vardit paintings deal with a wide variety of subjects and combine many techniques and the use of different materials. Most of the works are conceptually based on the inner world of Vardit, Images that were captured and documented both physically and conceptually, experiences collected over the years in travels in Israel and around the world. The ability to observe in depth built the foundation stones for the creative idea, assembly, dismantling and reassembly. Many years of working as a scientist (neurobiology) form an excellent background for the collection and organization of a toolbox that enables perseverance, patience and the studeing of the material and technique with which she works.


These abilities ultimately lead to a spectacular result and a great variety of art works. A good artist is a researcher artist, an artist who believes in himself and is not afraid to experiment and deal with a variety of materials and techniques. In terms of subjects, the sensitive handling of character descriptions gives the impression that these are not passers-by but people who received the respect they deserved and were documented with great sensitivity.


The ability of personal interpretation delivered to the viewer at eye level is accessible and invites every viewer regardless of age. Vardit as a human being and as an artist was blessed with these qualities.

Yael Karmi Curator

​About Me

I paint mainly from observation, but the world I create has a life of its own. I feel that when the painting is taking shape, something new is created, coming into life. It is my inner self that is expressed in my art.

I discovered painting relatively late in my life. In the first decades of my adult life, I was a neuroscientist, doing mainly brain research. The discovery that I could paint was a kind of awakening in my life. All of a sudden, I discovered another different world in myself, which is not based on research and analytical thinking. Over time I realized that there are many things in common. In both worlds there is an inquisitive and searching need for observation. For me, the two worlds complement each other and especially complement me.

From the very beginning I was drawn to the figurative, representative art and found myself drawing in my imagination most of the time. Every tree, cloud or hill, "tried" to find its way to the canvas or paper. Over time I became more and more attracted to human figures, to painting portraits. As in life, people are the most meaningful thing to me. Above all, my beloved, loving and supportive family. Haim, my husband, is the driving force behind me. He also inspires me with his wonderful photographs. A significant part of the characters in my paintings were created and influenced by the characters he photographed in his (our) travels in Israel and around the world.

I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for.

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